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Quality First Career Center (QFCC) is a privately owned for-profit minority school incorporated in the State of Maryland. We provide training programs for aspiring healthcare professionals.

Quality First Career Center was established in 2003. Prior to its establishment, the owner, Godfrey Ize-Ovia, decided in 2003 to use his knowledge and skills recognizing the need for trained healthcare professionals to establish a quality training center.

QFCC programs are designed to help you have a successful journey to becoming a certified healthcare professional. It is our opinion that you are about to enter the most wonderful and rewarding profession.

Your willingness, desire and ability to assist those who are in need will bring great satisfaction in your life.

QFCC has an eclectic approach to education and makes an attempt to keep it stimulating and dynamic.

The instruction and materials provided are designed to prepare you for the certification examination regardless of your educational background, specific strengths, areas in need of improvement, or clinical experience.

Mission and Vision

Quality First Career Center is committed to providing the best possible healthcare training and education. Our mission is to prepare Nursing Assistants irrespective of race, creed or national origin that enables them to provide competent quality care to clients and secure employment hospitals, schools, acute care, group homes and or assisted living facilities.

For more information on our programs, you may talk to us at 301-270-5105.